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Insurance Agent

5 Reasons to Become an Insurance Agent

In a world where the insurance industry is growing exponentially, becoming an agent is a great way to ensure you have a secure job with a steady salary. RS Thomas Training Associates Inc.  has been helping aspiring agents reach their goals for over 40 years.

RS Thomas Training Associates provides comprehensive education and training, including:

  • National Online Insurance Training
  • Georgia Insurance Licensing
  • Tennessee Insurance Licensing
  • Alabama Insurance Licensing

RS Thomas Training Associates is your go-to source for getting into the insurance business. Here are five reasons why you should become an insurance agent:


Security and Job Satisfaction 

Insurance agents have the benefit of being able to provide financial security for their clients as well as themselves. You will be able to develop relationships with your clients and help them understand how important it is for them to be protected against life risks.

In addition, there’s nothing more satisfying than understanding that you’ve helped someone protect what’s most important to them.



When you become an insurance agent, you can choose your schedule and control how much or how little you want to work daily. This flexibility allows you to pursue other passions and interests while building your career in the insurance industry.


Lucrative Earning Potential 

Insurance agents often make six-figure salaries by earning commissions on policies sold. These can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars up to thousands of dollars per policy, depending on the type of coverage provided.

Not only do agents have the potential for high earnings on single sales, but they also receive a recurring income from renewals or annual policies. This means that, even if the business is slow, you can still see regular income year after year that keeps steadily increasing with each new client or renewal policy sold.


Learning Opportunity 

One great thing about being an insurance agent is that there’s always something new to learn daily, especially regarding different coverage options and products offered by various companies in their portfolio.

This helps keep things diverse and exciting for agents who want to stay up-to-date on industry trends and changes over time. Moreover, it keeps agents informed and enables them to offer better services to their clients when seeking coverage options that best fit their needs and budgets.


Networking Opportunities 

The networking opportunities available through conferences, meetings, seminars, and social media sites like LinkedIn give insurance agents access to potential clients. This also gives them access to other influential people in the industry.

As a result, this may help open doors further down the line when pursuing advanced certifications or higher pay grades within agency structures.

These structures may even be beyond typical commission roles in some cases. These are significant advantages for motivated individuals looking for more from their career paths than just monetary rewards!


Want to Become an Insurance Agent? Contact Us Today!

Becoming an insurance agent can be highly rewarding professionally and personally as it provides stability and flexible working hours. Moreover, it offers a lucrative earning potential and plenty of learning opportunities.

This can lead to further network connections for even greater success in this ever-growing field!

RS Thomas Training Associates offers nationwide online insurance training courses and licensing classes in Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama, making us your go-to source for anyone looking to move into this rewarding career choice! Check out some of RS Thomas Training Associates exciting offerings:

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