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Continuing Education/Certification

Continuing Education/Certification

Georgia Insurance Continuing Education Courses with RS Thomas

At RS Thomas Training Associates Inc., we provide all the information you need to fulfill your professional education requirements. Our educational programs are designed to meet the needs of multiple industries and professions. In addition to offering affordable pricing and an easy-to-use platform, we can help you fulfill your insurance continuing education requirements in Tennessee, become a licensed professional, or learn something new. The goal of our company is to make it as easy as possible for you to complete your educational requirements.

As an expert in insurance continuing education, we offer state-approved online courses to help aspiring insurance agents kick-start their careers. If you want to enroll in Georgia Insurance Continuing Education, you are in the right place.

Our insurance license classes are specially designed for you. Whether you need courses for adjusters or ethics, we’ve got you covered! Our continuing education course covers risk management, homeowner insurance, etc.

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Complete Your Insurance License Classes on Your Schedule

Our insurance training school is designed to accommodate your needs. With client satisfaction and reliability as core values, we allow clients to complete their courses at their own pace. At RS Thomas, you determine when and how you want to study your continuing education course. Our flexible training program allows you to continue from where you stopped.

The Most Trusted Source for Insurance Continuing Education Courses

We’ve designed an easy-to-access learning platform that meets all requirements. We deliver several continuing education courses for aspiring insurance agents and professionals every year. We strive to offer the best, most affordable online programs. Little wonder, we’re ranked among industry leaders in the field. So why not join thousands of people to complete your insurance continuing education requirements while building your career?

Why Choose RS Thomas?

Our instructors collaborate with state departments and bureaus to ensure we obtain approval for license renewal and continuing education courses. We have a track record of helping licensees get their licenses. When you choose us, you’re assured of a certificate of completion once you complete the course. Besides that, we incorporate effective strategies in our work model to give you the best experience. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of insurance renewal and continuing agent requirements for every state insurance department. While state insurance rules and regulations may differ, we can meet all your insurance needs and requirements.


Our Course Catalog

Life & Health

This course is specifically designed for life insurance and health agents. The learning concepts include explaining various health insurance policies, including basic and major medical expenses. The Life & Health package includes the following:

  • Annuity Concepts
  • Ethical Practices
  • Ethics
  • Ethics at Work
  • Insurance Fraud Awareness
  • Interpreting Medical Reports
  • Introduction to Life Insurance
  • Legal Concepts & Doctrines
  • Variable Contracts

Property & Casualty

The property & casualty package is specifically designed for property insurance agents, casualty agents, and personal lines agents. It introduces students to insurance claims, general liability, etc. This course encompasses the following:

  • Auto Physical Damage Basics
  • Claim Basics
  • Claim Evaluation & Settlement
  • Claim Investigation
  • Claim Statements
  • Commercial Auto Coverage
  • Commercial General Liability Coverage
  • Commercial General Liability Rating
  • Commercial Property Coverage
  • Commercial Property Rating

For more inquiries about our Georgia Insurance Continuing Education, contact us today, and we will be willing to answer all your questions.