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Getting Your Georgia License

Getting Your Georgia License

Licensing Requirements

Section title shape / RS Thomas insurance training
  • Completion of the 20 or 40 hour Pre-Licensing course
  • Pass the State Exam
  • Apply for the license with Sircon at www.sircon.com and pay the filing fee
  • Complete the Citizenship Affidavit – GID-276-EN form
  • Register with Field Print to have your fingerprints captured for the background check at www.fieldprintgeorgia.com

Exemptions are:

  • Waiver of Pre-Licensing course and exam can be granted if applicant holds a CLU, PHD in insurance, CIC, CISR, or CRM designations. If you hold a BBA in insurance you are not exempt from the exam, just the course
  • Waiver of the Pre-Licensing course and exam can be granted if applicant was previously licensed for same lines in prior home state; license in that state must be active at the time of moving to Georgia, applicant must attach original clearance letter from prior home state and must apply for licensure within 90 days of moving to Georgia
  • There are no exemptions for taking the Variable Products exam

Getting Your Georgia License

Section title shape / RS Thomas insurance training
State required regulated courses that prepare you to take the insurance licensing exam for all agents and adjusters
Click here to download the State of Georgia Insurance Licensing Candidate Handbook.
Immediately after the completion of your 20 or 40 hour course, you will be certified and your required hours will be processed with the state.  

Give RS Thomas Training a call at (770) 933-4199 and we can provide a certificate of completion for up to one year after your course completion. Two methods are available: email $7 and postal mail $10. Credit card, money order and check are accepted and must be paid in advance before a certificate is issued.

Many insurance companies are hiring students who successfully pass the state exam. Students can begin looking for an insurance position immediately or

For questions regarding Licenses; Continuing Education Hours; Working outside the State of Georgia, etc., contact the Agents Licensing Division by telephone at 404-656-2101 or 800-656-2298 (toll free), or visit their website at www.oci.ga.gov/Agents.