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I enjoyed your class. I am happy to know you are out there and will pass your name along to others. I took my exam on 11/26 and passed without any issues. Thanks so much!
Hooray! I just passed my test on first try! Thanks for your help.
Michelle C.
Good afternoon,  This is Asha Bethel .  Just want to let the company know that I have passed my test ..  Thank you Mr Thomas you are the best by far ..  Passing this test was the make and break factor for me keeping my job..  I worked in insurance for 8 years and this has been the best training…  I will definitely pass the info that RS THOMAS is the best hands down..  Thank you again 
Asha Bethel
Thank you and RS Thomas for the class and preparation. I would not have passed if not for the good Lord and your class. I took the P&C class last week. Took the test today. I will recommend RS Thomas to all I know.
Walter H.
Ron, I took the exam this morning and I passed. I appreciate what you and everyone at your company does.
Lauren M
I passed!! Thank you for being such a great instructor.
Latasha T.
I passed my life test. Thank You
After finishing your class on Sunday, I took the P&C state test on Tuesday and passed - whew!! I went into the class not very knowledgeable about insurance.
Sonya W
Thank you for all your support in prparing me for the Public Adjuster Exam!!!!
Angela C
Mr Bing will make sure you get all the information needed for the test. I needed this test to keep a job and I aced it! R S Thomas is the leader in Adjusters Training.
Micahel W
Thank you for taking pride in your teachings… when it was exam time I knew without doubt the answers. I passed the exam first time and finished in less than an hour. You put great effort into your teaching. I’ll be starting a new career in the personal auto lines... Thank you! And thank the RS Thomas Team.
Brook T
Hi Everyone! I passed my exam!!!! I am so excited! Thank you very much.
Just wanted to let you know I passed the P&C agent exam this morning...only took 1 hour...Thank you very much. All 40 hours were entertaining and interesting. Here’s to a fun and profitable career.
Brian T.
Mr Bing, If I do need training classes to pass a test in the future, I will contact RS Thomas and request when you are teaching.
Hugh W
Shirley Howard and Al Bing were FANTASTIC! I have never in my years of education had such a clear understand of rather difficult material. The material is made simple, and it helps knowing that they are enthusiastic about insurance and teaching as well. Seriously, couldn't have asked for better!
Tori B
I took the exam Tuesday. Yeah I passed. Your course and Shirley is all anyone will need to pass.
Vicky M
Al, Passed the exam today! Thanks for your effort in teaching the class that allowed me to pass with minimal difficulty. Passed the exam today! You are the best.
Stan S.
...the exam was cake, tell Al thanks again. He came highly recommended and he did not disappoint.
Jonathan N
I passed the exam on the first attempt! Tell Ms Shirley thanks!
Katie E
Hello and Happy Holidays!
Please let Mr. Bing and Mr. Thomas know that I passed my state Adjusters exam today and I am grateful to them and the school for their top notch instruction!
Valerie D. Roy
Please let Ms. Shirley know I passed my exam on Friday and I thank her tremendously.
Angelia Frost
Account Manager, Employee Health & Benefits