Welcome to RS Thomas. All classes are now virtual with a Live Instructor. Contact us at 770-933-4199.
There is a $50.00 rescheduling fee and a $125.00 cancellation fee. “No Shows” will neither be transferred nor refunded.
There will be NO refunds for Study Manuals or Exam Simulators.

There will be NO refunds on Study Manuals, Used or Unused.

Guarantee Policy & Cancellation Policy

Guarantee Policy & Cancellation Policy

We guarantee that any pre-licensing candidate who follows our training program will pass the State Licensing Examination on the first attempt!
Along with full attendance of classes, which is a state requirement, the pre-licensing candidate will need to:

1. Take the State Insurance Examination within 90 days of completion date of the pre-licensing course.
2. Average at least 80% on the course quizzes and course work.
3. Score 60% or greater on the Final Examination.
4. Complete all work assignments prior to taking the State Insurance Examination.
5. Pay in full for the required course.

When a person completes the above requirements, we guarantee that he or she will pass the State Examination on the first attempt; otherwise he will be eligible for attendance to any regularly scheduled 40 hour pre-licensing school within 90 days following the first original testing session at no charge. Due to the extremely low statewide pass ratio, the guarantee policy will be strictly enforced.

If the candidate fails the State Examination and has not followed the prescribed training program, the appropriate fees will be required to attend a future or make-up course.

There is no free auditing of classes. We do not have review classes at this time.

It is necessary to prepare yourself for this difficult exam. We congratulate you for choosing this very lucrative career and industry.

We appreciate your confidence in RS Thomas Training Associates, Inc. Our goal is to provide our students with professional instruction, excellent learning facilities and a curriculum that meets and/or exceeds the requirements set forth by the state regulatory agencies.


Ronald S. Thomas, CIC, AAI