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Life Accident and Sickness Insurance Agent

Accident, and Sickness Insurance Agent

A Life, Accident and Sickness Insurance Agent is an agent or broker licensed to sell annuities, life insurance, or accident and health insurance.

  • Life insurance is a form of protection that pays a benefit to a designated recipient upon the insured individual’s death.
  • An annuity is a contract between the policyholder and an insurance company. The company promises to make regular income payments, either for the policyholder’s lifetime or for a fixed term.
  • Accident & health insurance provides coverage for death or injury caused by accidents, illnesses, or physical injuries.

A life insurance agent and the broker are authorized to sell variable life and variable annuity products. RS Thomas is an agent that possesses a life insurance license and is registered with the FINRA, and provides their FINRA CRD number.


What’s the Difference: Life, Accident and Sickness Insurance Agent vs. Broker?

A life, accident, and health insurance agent represents authorized companies in New York for which they have been appointed. Obtaining an agent license does not require a company appointment. Still, the position must be reported to the department within 15 days of either signing the agency contract or submitting the first insurance application.

A life insurance broker acts on behalf of the policyholder and can place coverage with any insurance company authorized to do business in New York. However, some insurance companies only work with agents they have specifically appointed.


Life, Accident and Sickness Insurance Agent Pre Licensing Requirements

To obtain a license, the applicant must fulfill the following pre licensing qualifications:

  • The candidate must successfully finish an approved prelicensing education program with a minimum of 20 hours for either a life-only or an accident-and-health-only authority or 40 hours for a life, accident, and health authority.
  • The candidate must pass the licensing exam administered by PSI services within two years of applying for the license. To register and schedule the exam, visit the “Exam Vendor Information” page for instructions.
  • An applicant seeking authority for variable life or variable annuities must provide evidence of passing FINRA series 6, 7, and 63.

Application Requirements for Insurance License School

To determine the necessary submission requirements for a license application, align the code numbers listed under the “Non-Resident” or “Resident” columns with the matching numbers on the “Submission Requirements Chart.” Any required documentation must be included with the application and uploaded via the license application portal.


Fees & Renewal Period of Life, Accident and Sickness Insurance Agent

Licenses are valid for a maximum of 2 years. The expiration date for individual or tba licenses will be based on the applicant’s date of birth.

  • If the applicant were born in a year with an even number, their license would expire on their birthday in a leap year.
  • A license for someone born in a year with an odd number, it will typically expire on their birthday in an uneven-numbered year.

Licensing fees are final and non-returnable. For licensing periods exceeding one year, a total cost of $80 for New York residents and the right price for non-residents as per the Fee Schedules will be charged. For shorter licensing periods of one year or less, a cost of $40 for New York residents will apply. Please refer to the Fee Schedules for licensing fees for non-residents.

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Payment for licensing fees can be made through credit card, e-check/paper check. If choosing to pay via paper check, the application process will remain on hold until the department receives and clears the check.

A $20 fee will be imposed for any e-check or paper check returned by the bank due to insufficient funds.

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