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WIOA program

WorkSource Innovation and Opportunity Act


Over the years, the WorkSource Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) has helped millions of Americans provide federal funding for educational costs. The legislation to have this program was signed into law on July 22nd, 2014. So far, it has assisted job seekers in accessing employment, training, and support services to become successful in the labor market. In addition, the WIOA program matches employers with skilled workers to help them compete in the global economy.

WIOA authorizes programs for selected vulnerable populations, including the YouthBuild, Job Corps, Indian and Native Americans, and Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker programs. This program also evaluates multi-state projects administered by the U.S. DOL.

WIOA also authorizes other programs administered by the Department of Health and Human Services and the U.S. DoED.

The program aims to strengthen the nation’s public WorkSource system and help Americans, including those with various employment barriers, get high-quality jobs and improved careers.


Training Programs

Our WorkSource program is designed to meet the needs of unemployed or underemployed individuals, discouraged workers, and workers who have lost their jobs through business closures or layoffs.

Our Career Advisors assist customers in training, either pre or post-training. In addition, they administer career and assessments while providing educational counseling, career counseling, job coaching, and employment assistance.

Furthermore, we have an on-the-job training program where you can get occupational training from area businesses. You can get a complete list of our programs and training sites by contacting us for inquiries.


Benefits of WIOA

WIOA provides opportunities for job seekers to get the required skills that will help them to land the job of their dreams. In addition, WIOA has the following aim:

  • Help individuals maximize their skills and achieve their highest potential.
  • Assist employers in getting skilled workers to compete effectively in the global market.
  • To capitalize on the untapped potential of dislocated workers, underemployed youth, and those looking to earn a living.

There are also provisions to fund training and education for eligible individuals who wish to improve their skills or learn a new trade. In addition, the WIOA program can benefit individuals who lose their jobs due to mass layoffs, plant closures, and other effects of the changing economy.

Our mission is to provide workers in America with the skills and certificates necessary to advance and secure employment with family-sustaining wages. Furthermore, we aspire to offer employers in America enough skilled workers to succeed in the global economy.


Boosting the WorkSource System

WIOA requires states to align their core WorkSource development programs through a four-year state plan with more flexibility than the previous program (WIA). Moreover, WIOA improves the American Job Center system and promotes regional collaboration within states. This is achieved through local WorkSource areas and by promoting accountability and transparency.