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There will be NO refunds for Study Manuals or Exam Simulators.

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Working with RS Thomas’s Insurance Training

Properly preparing for your exam is crucial to your success in the coming exam and at Thomas Insurance, we completely understand that. If you are looking for insurance training to help you with your exam preparation, then RS Thomas Training is what you have been looking for.

We have worked with over 80,000 plus students. As a result, we are working towards developing more innovative techniques to offer you the best training. We work with students from all states and ensure they are well-prepared for their insurance exams. Here are the top benefits of working with us.


Flexible Nature of Online Learning

An online insurance course allows you to study at a time that is convenient with your schedule. As a result, it allows those who are far, but still access the coursework without physically being in the classroom. We offer our students 3-5 days of class attendance, and in these classes, our instructor highlights concepts and crucial sections you are supposed to study.

Once the class is completed, the final preparation for the state exams consists of reviewing notes and the highlighted sections studied in class. From here we cut out any extra information that could be more helpful with your state exam and only provide you with the necessary information that will aid you in passing your exams.


Effective Way of Learning

An online insurance course has proved to be an effective way of learning, according to a technical report by the US department of education. Online learning has produced more decisive student learning outcomes than traditional learning methods.

Our students receive intensive training which helps them get ready to take their state exam upon completing our training program. Therefore, with our training we guarantee success.


Accessibility to Reading Materials

Virtual insurance classes can be completed anywhere and anytime from a pc, tablet, laptop, or smartphone. This allows you to ask your instructor questions without fear of making mistakes or slowing the class down. This provides a learning opportunity for students in other states who might find it costly to commute daily for Georgia insurance license classes.


Several Features to Help You Pass

Our online insurance course has revised the materials we provide for learning. This helps you quickly grasp the content. We provide you with information that is applicable in the state examination, and we can always provide any new content at any time. We provide our students with a unique feature, an individualized pass report that helps you gauge the readiness for the examination.


Best Training Programs

Passing the state exams is imperative for any student taking insurance courses. We have the best training programs to help students tackle their exams easily. With the availability of virtual insurance classes, we make certain every student is included, no matter your location.

Contact us today and get free quotes on our learning programs.