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life, accident and sickness agent

Top Reasons to Become LAS Agent

Unfortunately, few individuals have careers they genuinely enjoy. While many are satisfied with their jobs, they often lack job fulfillment due to a lack of challenge, feeling trapped in their workplace, or earning potential. Economic insecurity also contributes to the fear of job loss for many. Some may feel their job doesn’t have significance.

Consider the insurance industry for a rewarding career! Insurance agents can positively impact people’s lives while earning a good income. RS Thomas is here to guide you to become a life, accident and sickness agent. Keep reading to know why you should take an accident and sickness training course and become a LAS agent.


Reasons and Advantages to Become Life, Accident and Sickness Agent

Here are some of the key advantages of being an insurance agent:

Job Stability

Amidst the volatility of various industries affected by the U.S. economy, the insurance sector provides a reliable haven.

People require protection during both good & bad times for their health and assets. Employers must continually offer robust workplace health insurance for their employees. As the U.S. population ages, the need for coverage for senior care and other health issues related to aging will increase.

Taking LAS insurance classes, and entering the insurance industry as an agent confirms exposure to a field with promising growth prospects in the future.

Earning Potential

Many entry-level jobs provide a little wage that is not sufficient for living. A significant raise in wage, allowing for the possibility of property purchase, often takes several years of hard work in the office, an everyday reality across industries today.

The insurance industry, in contrast to many others, has a unique chance for people to increase their income quickly. Compared to other positions, the educational requirements for life insurance courses are less demanding, making this a more appealing alternative for people looking to progress in their careers. One doesn’t need to spend much time or money on college because all that is required to become an insurance agent is passing insurance examinations.

While a relevant degree can undoubtedly aid in job advancement, beginning as an insurance agent allows one to start earning money while pursuing their desired degree. This strategy not only helps people accumulate less student loan debt but also enables them to develop industry knowledge and hands-on experience.

Flexible Hours

Many individuals enjoy working as insurance agents due to the flexible working hours. The income is often proportional to the number of hours put in, providing the opportunity to earn more by working longer hours. At the same time, taking time off for vacations or special events is usually possible as long as work is managed through a mobile device, allowing for a personalized schedule.

In contrast to traditional 9 to 5 work, where the options are limited to showing up and getting paid or getting fired, such independence is a significant gain. Choosing a career as an insurance agent can be rewarding if you appreciate having the freedom to make a living on your terms.

Things are Always Changing

Even in a profession with a good salary and flexible hours, boredom can still strike. Some industries haven’t evolved much in decades, which demotivates workers who spend their days sitting at a desk without new challenges.

Contrarily, the insurance industry is dynamic and evolving. The healthcare sector is constantly being impacted by new legislation, leading to frequent changes in regulations. Customer needs vary depending on the economy, and technological innovations, such as self-driving cars, are poised to create new insurance markets.

If you desire a career that offers continuous learning and growth opportunities, consider becoming an insurance agent, it might be the perfect job for you!



Admittedly, staring at a screen for prolonged periods can become tedious. If you enjoy personal interaction, a career as an insurance agent would suit you well.

Many people search the internet for insurance solutions in the modern world.  Customers put their trust in your rigorous salesmanship, relationship-building, and superior interpersonal skills to guide them toward insurance that fits their needs and financial capacities. Giving customers specialized insurance services will be a fulfilling and joyful experience if you have a passion for helping people, making your workday a source of fulfillment.

Still have more questions about life, accident and sickness agent or life insurance course? Contact RS Thomas for more course details and information.