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insurance license school

Insurance License School to Propel Your Career


Are you looking for a flexible career path? Have you ever considered enrolling in an insurance license school? Then you are in the right place. RS Thomas Training offers an insurance course allowing you to learn virtually. Enroll today and become the best agent in Georgia, Alabama, and  Tennessee!


About Rs Thomas Training

With our expertise as training associates, we provide high-quality education in the insurance field. We offer Insurance Continuing Education Courses, including Life & Health Insurance Courses and property and casualty insurance license classes. Our courses are customized and up to date with the current syllabus. RS Thomas provides customized advanced courses like Securities Industry Essentials (SIE), Series 6 & 63 Securities Licensing, and Series 65 Securities Licensing. To learn more about these variable products, get in touch with us.


Property and Casualty Insurance

Property and casualty insurance is all about coverage of property or belongings in case a catastrophic event happens. The range will depend on the limits under your property and casualty insurance. At RS Thomas, we offer various property and casualty insurance courses. You will study and get training on different ways to handle such events.

For property and casualty classes, you will learn several techniques. These include claim basics, claim evaluation and settlement, claim investigation, claim statements, commercial auto coverage, and many other courses.


Life & Health Insurance

Life and health insurance is a coverage that will pay for your medical treatment and other preventive checkups under your plan. As an agent in life and health insurance, you will have to learn ethics, insurance fraud awareness, interpreting medical reports, and introduction to life insurance and variable contracts. Health and life insurance coverage are essential components of sound financial planning for those who do not receive these benefits from their employers or are self-employed. Additionally, each type of insurance has different policies, each with features that will appeal to other people, so it is critical to understand the distinction. Contact us today, and we will advise you on how you will enroll and attend our virtual and in-person insurance license classes.

Thus, as an insurance agent, you will need to prepare for the new year and get updated with the current laws in the insurance field. Therefore, you will enroll in continuing education in insurance and learn about recent changes that the state has made regarding property and casualty insurance or even life and health insurance.


Flexible and Easy Learning Online Courses

So, if you are interested in Insurance License School in Alabama, Georgia, and even Tennessee, contact us today and start your career in insurance!