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Insurance Continuing Education Courses

RS Thomas Insurance Training Testimonial

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The Industry Changes – Insurance Continuing Education Courses

To succeed, it is vital to stay current with the ever-evolving industry practices. Training and insurance continuing education courses also help you learn new sales strategies or techniques and enhance your knowledge of the life insurance industry. The more you know about the products you sell and the industry as a whole, the more likely it is that potential clients will trust you.

Financial life insurance agent & product training will cover common product updates, underwriting questions, pitfalls to avoid when writing life insurance sales, and business techniques.

In addition to the fundamentals of life insurance, there are many training opportunities available in marketing, sales, and different products. If you are interested in learning more about a specific area, it should be easy to find relevant training to attend.


New Ideas by Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee Licensed Insurance Trainer

Consulting with a brokerage specialist or participating in carrier training on industry trends and products can stimulate your creativity and inspire new ideas for sales, marketing, or product development. Experimenting with these new ideas may help increase sales or attract new clients.

Give Back to Your Community

Job hunters these days are not just seeking a way to earn a living but also a sense of fulfillment. Many people want a job that allows them to contribute to society and make a difference. Around 30% of Americans have said that they volunteer for a group or organization.

Working in the insurance field can offer the opportunity to pursue meaningful work and get involved in the community. At its core, the insurance industry is all about safeguarding the well-being of those in the community.

Find an Abundance of Opportunities

By 2028, it is expected that half of the current insurance workforce will have retired, creating a plethora of employment and advancement opportunities. Currently, only a small percentage of millennials (4%) are interested in an insurance career, meaning there is a vast potential for growth in the industry. The benefits of working in insurance are not widely recognized, making it a ripe field for professionals to explore.

Easy to Get Started

Insurance offers a diverse range of positions, some of which are easy to start immediately. To become an insurance agent, a diploma from high school is all that is needed – no prior work experience is necessary. The process of becoming an agent can be completed in just a matter of weeks.



RS Thomas Insurance Training introduces and focuses on online courses with certifications. There are many courses available by

  • Alabama and Tennessee licensed insurance trainer
  • Georgia insurance license class
  • Alabama insurance license class
  • Tennessee insurance license class

Do you want to enroll in property and casualty insurance classes? Contact us for more information about registration and classes.