Series 6, SIE, 63, & 65 Securities

This is a two-day course.

The Series 6 will provide students with the knowledge of procedures, policies and regulations surrounding the sale of investment products and variable contracts. The program curriculum covers stocks, securities, investment banking, securities markets, taxes, mutual funds, variable annuities, retirement plans, variable life insurance, securities analysis and self-regulatory organizations (SROs).

The Series 63 portion is the Uniform Securities Agent State Licensing Exam (USASLE). This covers the definition of terms, registration requirements for brokers/dealers, agents and investment advisors, regulations of securities, fraudulent and other prohibited practices, regulatory oversights, and criminal penalties.

The program also instructs students in study techniques, learning methods, and exam-taking techniques. Our guarantee to pass on the first attempt in unequaled in the industry and one of the reasons we have been named as one of the Top 10 Insurance schools nationally. Students that do not pass the Georgia Insurance Exam will be allowed to return to class at no additional charge.