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Claims Adjuster Training

Becoming a Claims Adjuster

In today’s complex insurance ecosystem, understanding the role and significance of a claims adjuster is paramount. These professionals play a crucial part in ensuring that policyholders receive just compensation while also safeguarding the financial interests of insurance companies. If you’re contemplating entering this field, it’s essential to grasp not only its nuances but also the pathways to claims adjuster training and licensing. Drawing from the insights of industry experts, including RS Thomas, this guide aims to provide a comprehensive overview of what it takes to become a successful claims adjuster. From the foundational knowledge to the intricacies of licensing, get ready to delve deep into the world of claims adjustment.


Why Become a Claims Adjuster?

At the heart of every insurance claim lies the claims adjuster. They’re responsible for determining the legitimacy of a claim and deciding how much compensation the policyholder should receive. It’s a role that offers both challenges and rewards:

Flexibility: Many claims adjusters work independently, allowing them a certain degree of flexibility in their schedules.

Diverse Cases: From natural disasters to car accidents, every case is unique, keeping the job interesting.

Stability: With insurance being a crucial industry, claims adjusters are always in demand.


Foundational Training For A Claims Adjuster

To excel as a claims adjuster, robust foundational training is crucial. Here are the steps to consider:

Education: While a specific degree isn’t mandatory, having a bachelor’s in business or a related field can be beneficial.

Claims Adjuster School: Specialized schools provide dedicated courses focusing on industry practices, laws, and hands-on experience. Opting for a recognized claims adjuster school ensures you’re equipped with the right skills and knowledge.

On-the-Job Training: Many insurance companies offer training programs for new hires. This hands-on experience is invaluable.


Critical Licensing Courses

Almost every state requires claims adjusters to be licensed. The process typically includes:

Pre-Licensing Education: Before taking the licensing exam, many states require a set number of hours in claims adjuster license courses. These courses delve into state-specific insurance laws and best practices.

Licensing Examination: Once you’ve completed your pre-licensing education, you’ll need to pass a state examination. This tests your understanding of insurance concepts, policies, and state regulations.

Background Check and Fingerprinting: As a final step, many states require background checks and fingerprinting to ensure the integrity of the profession.


Pursuing Success

Success as a claims adjuster goes beyond just training and licensing. Here are some tips to thrive in this profession:

Networking: Join associations like the National Association of Insurance Adjusters. Networking can open doors to job opportunities and continuous learning.

Stay Updated: Insurance laws and practices evolve. Regularly enrolling in refresher courses or attending workshops will keep you at the top of your game.

Specialize: As you gain experience, consider specializing in areas like medical claims, auto accidents, or property damage. Specialization can often lead to better opportunities and higher pay.



Embarking on a journey to become a claims adjuster promises a rewarding and stable career. With the right claims adjuster training, proper claims adjuster license courses, and a commitment to continuous learning, success is within reach. If you’re keen on starting your journey, RS Thomas is a reliable partner to consider. Our expertise and resources can pave the way for a successful career in claims adjustment.

Ready to embark on your claims adjuster journey? Partner with RS Thomas and unlock your potential today!