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a certified insurance course online

Let Us Help You Meet Your Goals

Are you passionate about becoming the most successful agent but need help figuring out where to start to launch your career? The success of being an insurance agent does not come for free. Additionally, it is a challenging field most participants bolt out most of the time. But with the proper training and skill, you can make the best insurance Agent. RS Thomas Training is the best in offering certified insurance courses online, and they provide you with the skills and knowledge required to become a successful agent. We have worked with different people for the past 40 years and helped them launch their insurance agency careers. Here is how we help you launch your insurance agency career.


Knowledge and Skills

We have programs such as property and casualty along with life and accident, which are aimed at providing you with the knowledge you require to become an agent in that field. This includes the terms and conditions, state law, and rules and regulations in these fields.

On our certified insurance course online, we provide you with the skills needed to relate well with your customer. Additionally, the course guides you on how they can identify their lead triggers when buying an insurance policy.


Effective Communication

Our online certified insurance course equips you with communication skills to help you quickly sell the policies. This program prepares you for taking and passing your Georgia insurance exams on communication skills for either life and accident or property and casualty. Customers require an insurance agent who can explain things to them with ease and an agent who is ready to answer any question.


Positive Attitude after Rejection

Even though this might be tested in your state exam, it is still essential when one wants to become a successful insurance agent. Our program teaches you that it is impossible to sell an insurance policy to everyone you come across, and sometimes the rejection can be more than the sales. We help you acquire a positive attitude towards rejection and teach you that you are growing your customer base through rejection. This helps our students prepare for their exams and gain the knowledge.


Pass Your Licensing Exam

We provide the right content to help you pass your insurance agent exam, depending on your chosen specialty. Our online certified insurance course will get you prepared. The virtual insurance classes provide that no matter your location, you have the highlighted and necessary information to help you pass your exams.

You must cover the extra mile to become a successful insurance agent and pass your state exams. We provide you with the right content to pass your exams and become an insurance agent. Get in touch with us for further information.