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With over 12 different types of licenses offered here at RS Thomas, there are many industries you can choose from. Feel free to explore and educate yourself.

Continuing Education

We are always staying on top of new Insurance laws and techniques. Make sure that you're staying connected and knowledgable of today's Insurance Industry.

Why RS Thomas?

We have over 20 years of experience in Insurance licensing. In those years over 5,000 students had passed exams and received their license to be a successful insurance agent.

Who We Are

R.S. Thomas Training Associates, Inc. (RST) has built a reputation of excellence in the insurance industry. RST is recognized as one of the Nation's Consistently Rated Top 10 Insurance Schools, and the Premiere Insurance School in Georgia.
Consistently recognized as one of the nation's top ten insurance and financial service schools, RS Thomas Training Associates, Inc. (RST) has built a strong reputation in the insurance and financial services industry.For over 25 years, RST has provided the financial and insurance business community with award winning products and services, and guaranteed results.
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