Licensing Requirements

  • Completion of 40 hour Property & Casualty and/or Life, Accident & Sickness pre-licensing course.
  • Passing score on Life, accident and sickness examination.
  • Completion of form GID-103.
  • Submit the filing fee. See GA DOI for latest fee schedule.
  • Waiver of pre-licensing course and examination can be granted if applicant holds CLU or designation. Must attach copy of CLU or designation with application.
  • Waiver of pre-licensing course and examination can be granted if applicant was previously licensed for same lines in prior home state; license in that state must be active at the time of moving to Georgia, applicant must attach original clearance letter from prior home state and must apply for licensure within 90 days of the date of the move to Georgia.
  • Applicants who held an active license a minimum of 12 months for the same line(s), within the last 12 months in former resident state
  • Applicants who completed the pre-license education requirement for the same lines of insurance in Georgia within the preceding year
  • Applicants who hold a CPCU, CLU or designation
  • Applicants who have completed at least 10 quarter hours (or equivalent) of insurance-related courses at an accredited college or university
  • Applicants holding a PhD in insurance
  • No exemptions from the variable life requirement
  • What pre-license types do RS Thomas Training Associates offer training for?
  • Property & Casualty/Claims Adjuster and Life, Accident, & Sickness

Most licensed insurance agents must get a minimum of 24 credit hours of continuing education per compliance period (biennially). The total number of CE hours required can vary based on length of service as a licensee, carry-over hours and professional designations (see GA DOI Agents webpage).

For questions regarding Licenses; Continuing Education Hours; Working outside the State of Georgia, etc., contact the Agents Licensing Division by telephone at 404-656-2101 or 800-656-2298 (toll free), or visit their website at

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