Company History

RS Thomas Training Associates, Inc. was started in 1984, by its sole proprietor Ronald S. Thomas in Atlanta, GA. The business was initially established on a part-time basis with training classes conducted two weekends per month. By 1987, RS Thomas Training Associates had expanded to a full time operation. For the next few years, Mr. Thomas continued to utilize outside training facilities for his classes. In 1994, the business and reputation grew that required a larger training facility and its present location was acquired.

The company started with a customer base in the insurance industry. This included pre-licensing courses, continuing education and professional development training. RS Thomas Training Associates is in the process of actively crossing industry lines by developing non-traditional markets in the public and private sector.Over the coming years, opportunity to expand into the banking industry to provide customers with a one-stop shopping service for total financial planning (i.e. banking, insurance and investments) will be identified. The emergence of the financial industries is expected to continue into the new millennium. The company is poised to exploit this tremendous opportunity.

The 3000 square feet office and training facilities headquarter is located at 1000 Circle 75 Parkway, NW, Suite 005 in Atlanta, GA. There is designated free parking for our customers, ample eatery locations, a major mall, and host of shopping locations. This location is very convenient and accessible. Although this is highly congested traffic area it is a major business sector of Atlanta.

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